About Us

HC Chang Orthopaedic Surgery provides personalised and comprehensive treatment of all sports injuries for both the recreational and professional athletes. Our core strength is in state of the art treatment of bone, muscle, tendon, joint and ligament injuries through accurate diagnosis, physiotherapy and surgical intervention through minimally invasive techniques, key-hole surgeries or arthroscopies. Many of our surgical outcomes have been reported in peer reviewed medical journals and we will be happy to share them with you. We appreciate the importance of sports to you and are your partner in sports.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Double-bundle anatomic reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament
  • Double-bundle reconstruction of the posterior cruciate ligament
  • Reconstruction of the medial and laterial collateral ligaments
  • Use of allograft/donor tendons for ligament reconstructions in knees
  • Arthroscopic repair of meniscus tears
  • Arthroscopic assisted meniscus transplantations
  • Cartilage transplantation including use of stem cells
  • Arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff tears using double row techniques
  • Arthroscopic stabilisation of unstable/recurrent dislocating shoulders
  • Arthroscopic treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome and frozen shoulder
  • Ankle arthroscopy for ankle pain or cartilage tears
  • Elbow arthroscopy treatment for tennis elbow
  • Knee osteotomies
  • Uni- or bicompartmental knee replacements
  • Treatment of fractures and dislocations
  • ESWT for tendinopathies
5 Responses to “About Us”
  1. Dr rebar noori says:

    i was impressed by your site u seems to be a motivated surgeon , i am also orthopaedic surgeon interested in sport medicine

  2. paul lee says:

    Dear Dr. I am 60 yrs old and have knee pain on my knees . The right knee pain is more severe. I am unable to raise my leg outwards without feelng the pain on the cap or joint. Also the pain strikes if I exert my right leg at an angle. I do a lot of exercise in younger days like running and golf. Now I stop all of that and the pain does not go away. I do not like operation of any sort. Is there a way of curing such pain?

    • It is necessary for a doctor to examine your knee followed by simple x-rays of the knee to come to a diagnosis. It is difficult to ascertain the reason and cause of your knee pain from just the descriptions of your symptoms. The treatment will depend on the condition that you have.

  3. Carrie says:

    I have fat pad in pigment which I have been suffering now for sometime. Is their anyone surgeon
    that you would recommend in the USA. I live in Indiana

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