Radial Head Replacement

Radial Head Fractures Radial head fractures are among the most common elbow fractures occurring in up to 20% of all elbow injuries. 30% have associated soft tissue or other bony injuries e..g. ulnar fractures Mechanism of injury Radial head fractures occur because of:     fall on outstretched hand     forearm in pronated position     axial … Continue reading

Robot Assisted Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement – Improving Consistency and Precision

Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacemen / Partial Knee Replacement A uni-compartmental knee replacement is an excellent option for a person who has knee pain from osteoarthritis (worn-out cartilage) involving mainly one of the 3 knee compartments. Unlike a total knee replacement where the central ligaments (anterior and cruciate ligaments) of the knee are removed and arthritic part … Continue reading