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Double Bundle ACL Reconstruction Video

Double bundle ACL reconstruction allows for a more anatomical reconstruction of the ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. Studies have shown that it can provide up to 97% of the stability of the native ligament. This is a surgical video of a double bundle ACL reconstruction done by me.  The graft was using the patient’s hamstring tendons. … Continue reading

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition in which one of your fingers or thumb catches in a bent position. Your finger or thumb may straighten with a snap — like a trigger being pulled and released. If trigger finger is severe, your finger may become locked in a bent position. Often painful, trigger finger is caused … Continue reading

Microfracture for Cartilage Defects

Microfracture is a surgical technique that has been developed to treat cartilage defects.  It is a common procedure used to treat patients with full thickness damage to the articular cartilage that goes all the way down to the bone.  This arthroscopic procedure was first introduced about 20 years ago by Dr Richard Steadman as a … Continue reading

Replacing a Completely Removed Meniscus – Meniscus Transplantation

Meniscus is the shock absorber inside our knees.  Each knee has 2 menisci.  A medial (situated on the inner aspect of the knee) and a lateral (situated on the outer aspect of the knee).    The menisci help to distribute the forces going across knee joint during walking and standing by avoiding point loading onto the knee … Continue reading

ACL Tears – What Can Happen If Left Untreated?

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) provides anteroposterior and rotatory stability to the knee during activities such as pivoting.  An example of a pivoting activity is the sudden change in running direction during football or basketball. Loss of the function of the ACL in the knee leads to sensations of the knee “buckling” or “giving way“.   … Continue reading

Knee Pain – Could it be a Meniscus Tear?

One of the common cause of sudden knee pain is a meniscus tear inside the knee joint.  The meniscus is a crescent shaped piece of fibro-cartilage between the ends of the thigh bone and shin bone inside the knee joint.  Each knee has 2 menisci – a medial meniscus and a lateral meniscus. The meniscus serves as a … Continue reading

Anterior Knee Pain or Kneecap Pain

Anterior knee pain is a common condition. I see almost 2 to 3 patients with this problem in my clinic each day.  The patient will usually place their hands onto the front of the knee when asked where the pain comes from.  This is the hallmark of this condition. The pain can affect one knee … Continue reading