Ingrown Toe Nail

Ingrown Toenails Onychocryptosis, also known as unguis incarnates, or ingrown toenail is a common form of┬ánail disease. An ingrown toenail is a common condition in which the corner or side of one of your toenails grows into the soft flesh of the toe. Normal toenail growth should be vertical or outward toward the tip of … Continue reading

Hip Arthroscopy for Septic Hip | Bacterial Infection of the Hip Joint in Children

Septic Hip refers to a bacterial infection within the hip joint. It can occur in newborn infants to older children. It can sometimes be due to fungal infection. How Did the Hip Get Infected? The joint can become infected with germs that travel through the bloodstream from another part of the body e.g. a skin … Continue reading

Cut Extensor Tendon to the Big Toe – Surgical Repair

Extensor Hallucis Longus Tendon – This is the tendon to the big toe that allows the big toe to extend. There are often patients who sustain minor lacerations to the top of the foot due to falling broken glass, knifes, or other sharp objects. The laceration may look innocuous but it may have cut through … Continue reading

Enhancing Cartilage Repair in the Knee Joint | Enhanced Microfracture

Cartilage Repair using Microfracture The articular cartilage of the knee joint covers the underlying bone of the knee and cushions it from shock during walking and running activities. Damage to the articular cartilage can lead to pain, swelling and eventually arthritis. Microfracture surgery is an articular cartilage repair surgical technique that works by creating tiny … Continue reading