Repairing Meniscus Tears

   One of the common causes of sudden knee pain is a meniscus tear.  The meniscus is a crescent shaped piece of fibro-cartilage inside the knee joint. Each knee has 2 menisci – a medial meniscus and a lateral meniscus. The medial meniscus is C-shaped whereas the lateral meniscus is more semicircular shaped. Both are composed of fibrocartilage with bony … Continue reading

Allograft ACL Reconstructions

Allografts refers to human tissues from another person.  For a sports surgeon like myself, the common allografts used are tendon allografts for knee ligament reconstructions. Tendon allografts are commonly used by me for ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstructions. My first choice graft is still the patient’s own hamstring tendons.  For various reasons, some patients may … Continue reading

Discoid Meniscus – What To Do If It Is Torn?

Discoid lateral meniscus is a variant of  a normal meniscus.  People may be born with this.  A normal lateral meniscus is crescent moon-shaped while a discoid lateral meniscus looks like a disc ie round.  It is commonly found in the lateral meniscus.  Discoid medial meniscus can occur as well but is rare in my experience. … Continue reading