Deep Seated Pain at Back of Knee with Bending – Think of Mucoid Degeneration of ACL

Mucoid Degeneration of the ACL What Is Mucoid Degeneration of the ACL? This is basically an MRI diagnosis of expansion and increased signal of an intact ACL in a person with knee pain which is worse on knee flexion/bending. Presentation Patients usually present with nonspecific posterior knee pain with restriction of flexion. There is usually … Continue reading

Double Bundle ACL Reconstruction

Tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are some of the commonest conditions seen and treated in my practice. The natural ACL is made up of 2 anatomically and functionally distinct bundles.  They are named the anteromedial bundle (AMB) and the posterolateral bundle (PLB) based on the position of the fibres in the central part … Continue reading