Tear of the Rectus Femoris Direct Head – Surgical Repair

Rectus Femoris The rectus femoris muscle is one of the four quadriceps muscles that sits in the middle of the front of the thigh. The rectus femoris attaches from the pelvis to just below the knee (on the patellar tendon.) It is responsible for knee extension and hip flexion. The other muscles of the quadriceps … Continue reading

Can Slipped Disc Get Better by Itself without Surgery?

Lumbar Spine The lower back bones are made up of a series of vertebrae that are connected from one segment to the adjacent segment via an intervertebral disc. This disc can sometimes pop out or slip out to cause pain in the back and the leg. Sciatica a.k.a. leg pain When a disc slips out … Continue reading

Bicompartmental Knee Makoplasty – Robotic Partial Knee Replacement

Makoplasty The procedure is performed through a four to six inch incision over the knee. Tactile, intelligent robotic arm technology and 3-D visualisation of the knee guides the surgeon in controlled resurfacing of the pre-defined knee disease, saving as much of the patient’s healthy bone and surrounding tissue as possible. Computer modeling of the patient’s … Continue reading

The Popping Elbow / Unstable Elbow / Elbow Posterolateral Instability

The Popping Elbow Some patients complain of elbow instability. Elbow instability is a “looseness” in the elbow joint that may cause the joint to catch, jam, pop, or slide out of place during certain arm movements. It most often occurs as a result of an injury — typically, a previous elbow dislocation. This type of … Continue reading

Improving Knee Replacement Surgery with IAssist

Zimmer iASSIST Knee – Surgical Assistance for Total Knee Replacement What is iASSIST? Zimmer iASSIST Knee is an advanced surgical guidance system designed to improve the accuracy and alignment of total knee replacement surgery. ZimmeriASSIST Knee helps to assist the surgeon in precisely aligning knee implants to each patient’s unique anatomy, providing a personalised fit and a … Continue reading