Robot Assisted Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement – Improving Consistency and Precision

Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacemen / Partial Knee Replacement A uni-compartmental knee replacement is an excellent option for a person who has knee pain from osteoarthritis (worn-out cartilage) involving mainly one of the 3 knee compartments. Unlike a total knee replacement where the central ligaments (anterior and cruciate ligaments) of the knee are removed and arthritic part … Continue reading

Dr HC Chang was interviewed by Channel News Asia (CNA) on Partial Knee Replacement

Dr Chang was interviewed by Channel News Asia on knee pain from osteoarthritis.  This interview included a happy patient who underwent partial knee replacement surgery. Click below to watch the clips. For more information on partial knee replacement or total knee replacment for knee osteoarthritis, please contact Dr HC Chang at 683 666 36 or … Continue reading

Partial Knee Replacement for Painful Knee

A partial knee replacement for a painful knee can be very satisfying to both the patient and the surgeon. Mdm Tan presented with progressive right knee pain of 3 months’ duration.  She was mobile and independent prior to that and the pain became so severe that she had to come to see me in a … Continue reading