Painful Lump Over The Foot – It Could Be Bony Spurs

This is a peculiar situation that presents to my clinic from time to time. The patient complains of a painful swelling over the top of the foot. This lump feels bony and can be “unsightly”.

Metatarsal Base Bony Bossing

Metatarsal Base Bony Bossing | HC Chang Orthopaedic Surgery

A possible diagnosis is a ganglion.  This is a fluid-filled sac arising next to the joint or tendon sheath.

However, in this case, the problem is bony bossing of the base of the bone of the foot (metatarsal bone).

A simple x-ray of the foot taken in the “true-lateral” view with clinch the diagnosis.

Tarso-Metatarsal Joint Osteophyte

Tarso-Metatarsal Joint Osteophyte

A zoomed in view:

TMTJ Osteophytic Spurs

TMTJ Osteophytic Spurs

The treatment can be avoiding tight  shoes that presses onto the bony spur or surgically remove the bony spur.

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3 Responses to “Painful Lump Over The Foot – It Could Be Bony Spurs”
  1. Denise Wilson says:

    Both feet are suffering from bones on top.

  2. B Allen says:

    I have these on top of both of my feet as well. I also just developed one on the outside of my left foot. That one is giving me some problems/pain. Ugh… Getting old is not fun.

  3. T.Lenzi says:

    I have one on my right foot. Im a nurse so I walk alot. ugh the pain is unbearable at times any home rememdy?

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