Replacing a Completely Removed Meniscus – Meniscus Transplantation

Meniscus is the shock absorber inside our knees.  Each knee has 2 menisci.  A medial (situated on the inner aspect of the knee) and a lateral (situated on the outer aspect of the knee).   

The menisci help to distribute the forces going across knee joint during walking and standing by avoiding point loading onto the knee cartilage. 

Loss of meniscus has been shown to lead to knee osteoarthritis. The larger the volume of meniscus loss, the more likely the development of osteoarthritis. 

Meniscus transplantation is an operation where a cadaveric meniscus is surgically implanted into the recipient’s knee.  

This surgery is indicated for meniscus deficient knees with pain but no significant osteoarthritis and the knee must be in good alignment (not bow legs or knock knees). 

This is an example of  a medial meniscus transplant in one of my patient. 

Deficient Medial Meniscus | Meniscus Transplant


This is a video of the patient’s transplanted medial meniscus at 3 months after the surgery. 

For more information on meniscus transplantation, please call us at 683 666 36 or email

My results of meniscus transplantation can be downloaded from this URL 

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