Repair of Torn Discoid Lateral Meniscus

Discoid Lateral Meniscus – How to Repair It

A lateral meniscus is an important shock absorber for the lateral compartment of the knee joint.

Whilst the medial compartment of the knee joint is largely convex (femur end) and concave (tibia end) and hence conforming even in the absence of the medial meniscus, the lateral compartment of the knee joint is convex (femur end) and convex (tibia end). This implies that the lateral meniscus helps to conform the lateral compartment much more than that done by the medial meniscus for the medial compartment.

Any injury or loss of the lateral meniscus can result in point loading on the lateral compartment of the knee resulting in accelerated wear and tear of the articular cartilage.

A discoid lateral meniscus can tear and if removed surgically, can result in pain and osteoarthritis of that knee over a short period of time.

This is a patient of mine who consulted me for her right knee torn discoid lateral meniscus.

She presented with pain in the outer aspect of her right knee. There was a visible and palpable clunk when her knee was moved from flexion to extension.

MRI confirmed a torn discoid lateral meniscus.

Torn Lateral Discoid Meniscus

Torn Lateral Discoid Meniscus

I was able to reconstruct the lateral meniscus for her.

This video is about 30 minutes long:

Her right knee pain improved after the surgery and the clunking resolved.

For more information on treatment of discoid meniscus, please contact Dr HC Chang at +65-683 666 36 or visit our website at

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